Our Vision

Materials failure is a significant roadblock for addressing many grand challenges in energy, environment and infrastructures. We develop and integrate a series of state of the art technologies across scales including multiscale computations, advanced synthesis, high level characterizations, pilot/field testing, and big data  analytics to accelerate discovery, design and fabrication of new energy efficient, multifunctional materials.

Our Mission

We primarily aim at employing simple, scalable raw materials and/or industrial waste streams to turn them to advanced composites using intelligent synthesis protocols. This  approach enables manufacturing and commercializing low-cost, scalable, and eco-friendly materials with never-seen-before properties.

Our Impact

Our science-based technologies and breakthrough products have tremendous economical, environmental and societal impacts in diverse industries including durable structural materials for civil infrastructures, self-healing and self-sensing materials for extreme environments of oil and gas reservoirs, multifunctional porous materials for CO2 storage and separations from power plants, and so on.


C-Crete has been the recipients of several prestigious awards and recognitions. It was featured in New York Times and Yahoo as one of the most promising companies in Energy and CleanTech., and was recently showcased at the DOE ARPA-E’s Energy Innovation Summit in Washington, DC.