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Synthesis of Porous Universal Building Blocks

HOUSTON (Oct. 13, 2017). Porous, cement-like nanoscale spheres are the basic building block of a self-healing material developed by C-Crete Technologies LLC. The composite developed by the C-Crete’s chief scientist Dr. Rouzbeh Shahsavari has sealant packed into its microscopic spheres. Heating the material releases the sealant into the surrounding area, helping it recover its strength and toughness.

The material is biomimetic, meaning it imitates processes used by organisms, and could be used in bone-tissue engineering, according to the researchers. It could also be useful for oil and gas, insulation, ceramics, construction materials and ceramic matrix composites.

The details appear this month in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Further details of this work can be found at: